Growing up in Baltimore, Buying Black was a way of life for my family. From small clothing lines and local stores, to whatever National Brands we could find, my parents made sure my sister and I were always aware of the impact that Black Owned Brands had on our community. It remains that way today as lessons we are passing to the next generation.


It wasn’t just others that we supported, we received first hand experience in entrepreneurship. My mother did hair in our basement and sold everything from Avon to Body Oils and incense to stockings. We spent plenty of weekends at Flea Markets with a trunk and a table lined with goods. My Father created his own car audio installation business for a time as well, spending weekends tearing out audio components and upgrading them. My first job was at E&S Stop, Shop, and Save, part of a local chain of grocery stores that was owned by my Great Uncle. My Family believes in Black Owned Business.


Buy Black Main Street is a vision of a future that is colored by the success and community of the past. My goal is to create that community online and in the real world by supporting the thousands of Black Owned Businesses across the country. Take a look through all of our great listings and I am sure you will find something that you didn’t know that you needed, and the Black Owned Brand that replaces and performs better than your current go-to.